Been your typical grimm night in the mean streets of Fairyland.

I’d already rolled with the Fairyland Animal Cruelty Unit; caught the perp coming down the bean-stock. Got him on a 456: goose abuse.

Next was the fraud squad. Bringing in Rapunzel for selling those cheap, knock off wigs . . . again.

Then the 633: unlawful confinement and illegal possession of a broom. But that’s another fairy-tale.

Sitting in the office eating plum pie with a side of curds and whey, when the Lt. called me into his office.

Biker chick  lounging in a chair; mean-looking mama wearing mirrored shades and a Riding Hoods jacket.

To my surprise, it was meet and greet; he introduced me to my new partner, Princess Charm-Less.

“Look, Lute, I work alone – the Harry Callahan of Fairyland.”

No matter that she was the legendary undercover cop who brought down the notorious biker gang, the Riding Hoods. Now cooling their heels, for 250 years, in Fairy-Land State Petitionary.

Think I might’ve booked her after the Riding Hoods rumbled with the Wolves over on Grandmother Street. But that’s another fairy-tale.

“Look Stiltskin, her cover’s blown, so she rides with you.”

Muttered under my breath, “Go ahead. Make my night!” 

We caught a 211 – piggy bank robbery in progress. Man, those can get so messy. But that’s another fairy tale.

“You loaded,” I asked as we thudded down the station’s spiral staircase.

“Why, you want to stop for donuts?” she asked, all innocent.

My name is Sargent Rumpled Stiltskin, Fairyland is my beat. Yeah, the stories are true, and I don’t change names to protect the innocent. Everyone is guilty of something in this not-so-fair city.

© Lorraine

Sargent Rumpled Stiltskin first appeared in a post, Flash Noir: The Mean Streets of Fairyland for mlmm Tale Weaver #121: Reverse/Naughty Fairy Tales . Making a second appearance for Tale Weaver #135: Princess Charming.