The mlmm tale weaver topic on December 10, 2020 was fairies:

Do you see them as friendly, helpful, benevolent creatures or is your perception one of fairies as evil, malicious creatures?

Write about their personality, their good and bad traits.

Go where the prompt leads you and have fun.


Well, what I wrote raw is a riff; a stretch; a well, . . .  fairyland is mentioned.

Typical grimm night in the mean streets of Fairyland.

An apb came over the wire: Humpty-Dumpty went over the wall of Kingsmen Home for the Criminally Insane. Not surprised Doc K couldn’t put him together again; that Dumpty was one bad egg.

Last year, Jack and Jill took the fall for the fairy godmother’s henchman, little two-ton Jack Horner. Now, I had Horner in the corner, and he was spilling his curds and way.

My partner, Princess Charm-Less was finishing up the paper work on an arson case. Caught Cindersella in the act; Princess sure cooked her goose. But that’s another fairy tale.

The Spratts, owners of the Fairyland Diner, were busted for health code violations: they were caught licking the platters clean. No wonder the dish ran away with the spoon. But that’s another fairy tale.

My name is Sargent Rumpled Stiltskin, Fairyland is my beat. Yeah, the stories are true, and I don’t change names to protect the innocent. Everyone is guilty of something in this not-so-fair city.

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