As is often the case, the words Wendy needs to hear are the ones I need to as well. As to becoming the emotion, guilty as charged. An easy slip, at times, when the feeling be it sadness, anger, grief, jealousy, rage, self-negativity overwhelms. Witness, allow, release — an important 3 word mantra.
Despite everything, she still grows, and I am very proud of her.

Picnic with Ants

crepe myrtle

“Feel the feeling but don’t become the emotion.
Witness it.
Allow it.
Release it.”

~ Crystal Andrus

“You’re so hard on yourself.
Take a moment. Sit back.
Marvel at your life:
at the grief that softened you,
at the hearache that wisened you,
at the suffering that strengthened you.
Despite everything, you still grow.
Be proud of this.”

~ unknown

*image by w. holcombe.  all rights reserved.

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