Typical grimm night in the mean streets of Fairyland.

Booked Bo Beep for fleecing unsuspecting marks. She got on the horn to her crooked 300 pound lawyer, “Little Boy” Blue.

Busted up hair pulling match between Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty over Prince Charming. Cinderella got away in her nitro-juiced-up pumpkin. But that’s another fairy tale.

Rumble on Grandmother Street. The Wolves and the Riding Hoods at it again. Two of the worse biker gangs in Fairyland. Battle over slice of turf left open when the Humpty Dumptys were fried by all the Kingsmen. Who were zapped by minions of the Godmother. But that’s another fairy tale.

My name is Sargent Rumpled Stiltskin, Fairyland is my beat. Yeah, the stories are true, and I don’t change names to protect the innocent. Everyone is guilty of something in this not-so-fair city. Even Snow White. She took those seven dwarves for every bit of gold they mined; left them short on cash. Yeah, she was a real gold digger. But that’s another fairy tale.

(c) Lorraine

For mlmm Tale Weaver #121: Reverse/Naughty Fairy Tales 25.5.17