Griswold happy to be blogger for tale weaving again. Michael, who Melita sez is wordsmithy and has faeries in his gardens, wants know what out my front door. 

Jungley, thickety, vinety covered wodden fence taller than Griswold with rusty hinge gate. Gate not squeakily since And Gumpison now Melita’s personfriend. So he can visit without telling neigbours – that a joke, we no neighbours have! And just like to fix things – may be fix Melita some day too. Crabbey grazz grows tween the paw stones from gate to porch. Never set on porch. All squeaky and squealchy. Swings in back garden better. Griswold DYI and everything.

Gate opens to a  coup de sac with just us alive on it.  2 other houses all creepy empty. Melita calls windows blind eyes. So creepy even imps and gangs don’t hang out. And explores – he history architect. Not like history channel or Ken Burns – for real. Melita goes to hold flashlight. Griswold goes to hold Melita’s other hand. They say Grisw0ld is brave. Mother say I am going to poke eye out. She get angry. But that other tale.

And dates houses (Melita explained dates and dates) by lots of things cuz folks fancy up or run down wear live. Add stuff like Lunenburg bumps, and turrets – Griswold like a turret room – take down walls and cover over windows. And calls it house spelunking – that mean cave climbing – and we go with safe gear to oldest house.

If Melita and And met Griswold at bus stop after nightsery school, And tell how street lo0ked when ancient. Finds maps, bluetoothprints and pix. And and Griswold fixing old lily pond behind Griswold house, but that is backyard tail to weave.

Griswold is a small monster, orangish fur, tufts of hair on the tippy-top of his ears, amethyst eyes, large paws with long talons, swishy tail longer than he is tall. His tail is expressive – it makes frowns and smiles. Laughter chuff-chortles out of his ears, and he does a splay-footed dance of greeting and happiness.

He lives in the attic apartment with his parents, Mrs. & Mr. G above his friend (or pet, she isn’t sure which) Melita. Since their first meeting, they have shared adventures in their midnight garden behind the house. Life with the Griswolds is never dull, and they have grown into each other’s lives.

This is Griswold’s second Tale Weaver response. He learned capitalization is important, and tried to make longer sentences. Melita still lets him write what he wants; her fingers and mind itches all the same!

For Tale Weaver #96 : What You See Out Your Front Door (15.12.16) Image: NA4ev via Pixabay

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