I don’t usually reblog my mlmm prompts, but I thought I would start a little shameless self-promoting.

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For me, Christmas is synonymous with Charles Dickens and various versions of his most famous character, Scrooge. My 3 favourite “takes” on the tale are: Alistair Sim’s B & W classic; Bill Murray’s Scrooged, and A Muppet Christmas Carol with Michael Caine.

Dickens’ commentary on the contrasts between rich, emerging middle-class, and poor are what make his stories, especially A Christmas Carol, so poignant.

I’d like you to weave a Dickensian Christmas tale. It can be a modern take on a 19th century theme, another look at Scrooge or character in the novella, a peek into the lives upstairs/downstairs or in the streets. Shop windows and shop girls. As long as the tale you weave has that Dickens’ Christmas feel. I think even Dr. Who was been there.

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