Griswold was born on March 19th for mlmm Tale Weaver #5: Mythical Creatures. For an idea of what Griswold is like, think of Maurice Seldak’s Where the Wild Things Are. Griswold is a small monster, orangish fur, tufts of hair on the tippy-top of his ears, amethyst eyes, large paws with long talons, swishy tail longer than he is tall. His tail is expressive – it makes frowns and smiles. Laughter chuff-chortles out of his ears, and he does a splay-footed dance of greeting and happiness.

He lives in the attic apartment with his parents, Mrs. & Mr. G above his friend (or pet, she isn’t sure which) Melita. Since their first meeting, they have shared adventures in their midnight garden behind the house. Life with the Griswolds is never dull, and they have grown into each other’s lives. Mrs. G still thinks Melita is too much of a humanizing influence; Melita still finds Mrs. G’s cooking noxious and obnoxious. Melita remains hopeless at learning all the proper Griswoldian greetings and dance steps; Griswold watches horror movies at Melita’s with the sound turned off so the movie isn’t too scary. And so it goes.

Below, is Griswold’s very first blog post. Melita promised to let him interpret the prompt and write his response without being too “editorialish;”so it’s also Griswold’s interpretation of written humaneze.

gr1sw0ld & th3 imp

humans have cfos – cute flying objects – called fairies. these fairies have tales. tale weaver’s asks for fairies to tell tales. fairy tales can get scarey but mostly every-one gets to be “happily every after.”

monsters have imps. imps don’t like cute, sweet or nice. they like ugly, nasty, and st1nky. imps have wings +hat feel like old boots, sharp, snaggely teeth, and they where there hair all spikey. dont get a imp angry buy insulting him or something. he will make your life miserable by playing pretend2bu. it happened to griswold.

one night, on way home from nightsery school, griswold met up with an imp who have a cool hoverboard in awesome orange like griswold’s fur. g0t excited, f0rgot and swished tale two fast. w00sh, imp went 1 way, hoverboard went another and griswold ran third way. 2 late. imp already playing game and run faster.

imp did all sorts of nasty stuff looking like griswold so griswold get blamed. like stomping on Miss M.’s roses – griswold never do! letting Mr. Baskerville’s hounds out by leaving fence gate open – griswold never do! hiding mother’s fossimax and Melita’s coffee making them very angry – griswold never never do!!!!

only way to get imp to stop playing pretend2bu is to play pretend2bimp. (Melita found on impernet) so spikeyed-up hair, wore wings Melita made from old boots, and stood on corner saying nasty things like have a bad day, and hope your team loses, and you stink, and other imp stuff.

imp didn’t like griswold playing same game so said truce. shook griswold paw and pat on back saying all’s fare. griswold happy til find out imp left big wad of bubblegum on griswolds fur so had to get a furcut.

the end.

oh, if you are a human, imps just think you are toooo funny and make viral videos of you for fooltube.

wr1++en bye me grisw0ld 4 mlmm tale weaver 25.11.16 Alien Fairy Tales

image: Stripe (movie: Gremlins)

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