n is for nala’s naples yellow lace camisole and mlmm’s first line friday

It only takes a little bit of lace to ruin a marriage. Naples yellow lace to be exact. Nala rued the night she’d stepped into the Nitro night club, to escape the norwester blowing through downtown. On a whim, she took a seat at the bar. On stage a quartet was playing New Orleans jazz. A sultry-voiced singer caressed the notes like a lover.

Nala’s drink, a Negroni, arrived – cold and strong. She sipped the neon orange concoction, and turned her attention to the chanteuse. She spewed her third sip. Calling over the bartender, she asked a few questions, then, her face naphthol red, she stormed out of the bar, asking Siri for the names of divorce lawyers.

As she explained to Napier Green, Esq., it wasn’t her husband’s choice of nite life; she was fine with him being transgendered and a female performer. No, it was the lies. Their marriage, she thought, was based upon trust, honesty and sharing.

She was working two jobs and a side gig as a nomad night rider to pay for his education; supposedly he was enrolled in Niagara University’s Nordic night movie school program. Rather than attending classes, he was pulling in good money as Neptune Blue. Money which certainly wasn’t showing up in their bank account. And wasn’t going towards their nest egg.

Worse, he hadn’t destroyed some of her clothes during his attempts at the laundry process. They were part of his on-stage wardrobe. Like her favourite Naples yellow lace-edged camisole peeking out from the neckline of his nutmeg dress.

n is for nala’s naples yellow lace camisole: a to z challenge

mlmm’s first line Friday: “It only takes a bit of lace to ruin a marriage.”

feature image: overstock.com, DKNY yellow lace camisole (maybe that’s where Nala purchased hers?)

And just because it’s a colour that starts with n, and is featured in one of my favourite Monty Python sketches . . . now for something completely different (original tv sketch; Now for Something Completely Different [1971]):

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