m is for mauvelous musings on difference

I’ve been immersed in colour wheels, colour palettes, colour codes, colour lists, colour swatches for my a to z challenge. So, a was for atomic orange; b was for banana mania and there was d for deep purple and e for electric crimson.

What I’ve found is the difference between shades/hues can be so subtle. Like the m is for:

maximum blue green, medium blue green, middle blue green, mild blue green (well, I made the last up one).

But those who work with colours all the time: artists, designers, architects, web builders, printers no doubt could agree that it’s more than RGB and hex codes that define and differentiate between maximum and middle.

Then there are the magentas: magenta; magenta (Crayola); magenta (dye); magenta haze; magenta (pantone); magenta-pink; magenta (process) and the outlier, medium lavender magenta.

For me, as a writer for this challenge, there is the play of words – colour names make a difference in how I construct my posts. At the mardi gras, before she danced the mango tango, Majorelle Blue might eat a meal of macaroni and cheese, with a side of metallic seaweed and mustard greens, followed by a slice of mint cream cheesecake and melon. Or, Mimi Pink in a drank a magic potion at midnight which morphed her into a mystic able to transport herself to a mummy’s tomb to gather misty moss and mulberry leaves. Under the midnight blue sky, the love-sick manatee marooned himself. Commander Madder Lake watched the indicator screens as metallic metabolic engines moved toward overload: mild red; medium red; maximum red . . .

And this SoC also represents a difference in my a to z colourized posts – it’s expository rather than prose-istory. And, since it’s about m is for mauvelous musing on difference, it’ll be posted at 1:05 am on Friday morning – just a day before Linda’s next The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS (better late than . . . a dollar short?)

m is for musings on difference for a to z challenge

bold italicized words: crayola 120 box crayon colours (not part of the #cyw challenge this year)

and Linda G. Hill’s SoCS: difference

Also, a difference from how SoCS should go: I had the master list of m is for colour words up on the screen as I wrote this. I had just thought of how little difference there seemed to be between the magentas  . . .  (and there are more that don’t start with m)

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