o is for the Outer Space bar and grill

excerpts from the mixology manual of the Outer space bar and grill

outrageous orange fizz

equal parts orange curacao, orange-red Cointreau

mix with orange soda

pour over ice in a collins glass, serve with a twist of orange peel

 ogre odor

shake 1 part ocean blue curacao, 2 parts orchid pink gin; 3 parts otter brown bourbon

pour into a martini glass; garnish with a fresh orchid

arsenic and old lace

2 parts old lavender vodka and 2 parts old goldschläger

mix with seltzer

pour over ice in a highball glass


half old burgundy Campari and half blood orange juice

pour into a brandy snifter

opal and onyx

fill pint glass half-way with IPA; pour stout slowly over back of a spoon

ocean boat blues

mix equal parts ocean blue curacao with off-white curacao

serve in champagne flute with vanilla bean pod


I’ve never bartended, don’t consume many mixed drinks/cocktails (g&t or v&t with lots of ice and wedges of lemon and lime), so the ingredients and instructions are pure colourful whimsy.

o is for the outer space bar and grill for a to z challenge

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