This is FAR more ADULT in content FOR ME than usual. So BE WARNED – a modicum of KINKINESS FOLLOWS

Word List:  Sunday Whirl #274: fear; colours; team; model; out; shift; bully; white; post; hope; sick; chop

Word List: mlmm Wordle #129: mute; tidewater; wisteria; step; bibliotaph (hoarder of books); guts; occur; breeze; faceless; fake; sharp; penetralia (the most secret or private of things)

We sat rocking on the front porch, the breeze barely stirring the wisteria. In this back tidewater basic, only mute swans might give voice to our current “split your guts”session – a step towards something more permanent than “hey maybe next weekend for some hot stuff” or a text message “got my suitcase and pistol packed.” But for this to occur, I needed to feel my sharp knife peel off his fake guises, til he was faceless. To get down to what he really loved and feared.  If it made us both sick to learn our penetralia, then at least we knew. If I was a serial killer, or he was a sociopath or some such thing.

Thus far, all I’d garnered was his lack of team spirit, constant bullying by others through out his childhood, a secret desire to model white underwear in 5th Avenue shop windows (kinky – I liked), deck me all out in the colour puce, tie me to a post and have his way with me (kinkier and better).

I laughed when he asked “When is it my turn, to penetrate your genitalia , I meant learn your penetralia.” Just when I’d begun to hope. He wasn’t a keeper, puce and post aside. All he had to do was open his eyes – I was a bibliotaph. His rocking chair was constructed of books as was most of my cottage. Silly man. And that puce post would have been so much fun.