It was uncle Delbert and what he thought were his funny tricks. Drinking a fifth of white lightening just might do that to you, but weren’t no excuse.

He’d come round visiting, so drunk he’d barely stand up, but quick enough with his knife to whip the head off my latest doll. Never knew why he’d be so mean.

I was the only kid in town with decapitated Barbies. Kids called me Wednesday and worst.

When Delbert died, it come to me to clean up his place for the estate agents. There they was — each and every doll head I ever had

Some found new life as whiskey and white lightening stoppers, others ashtrays, egg cups, ice cube forms – his whole house was littered with them.

Had my parents given me so many dolls – I doubted it. Then a very creepy feeling had me back out of the house – we sold it as it.

With fingers crossed no one wanted an addition or extensive landscaping.


Inspired by Mindlovemisery’s Photo Challenge # 139 (image by Andre Govia)