a quick sketch

The standing stones are massive; the spiraling labyrinth is obliterated by deep shadow.

She traces the stone carvings with a thin finger; in this airless stillness, she could almost hear ancient tool against rock.

She knew no two stonesmiths rendered a word, a symbol the same. The astrology of their language; the starscape under which they worked forged their individuality. Reading runish requires a kind of backseeing; falling into a previous life. Even more so here, where generations of stone masters and shapers left their marks upon the stones.

She hesitates, frowning: forbidden thoughts filling her mind. To walk the spiral, her mind needs be clear; any bursts of emotion blocked.

“What if I fail? What if I cannot complete the quest?”

So, perplexing, these hints of self-doubt or self-deception; she is not one to easily lose faith.

a quick sketch for mlmm’s Monday wordle #247

word list: obliterated; astrology; forbidden; render; airless; frown; hesitation; quick; stone carvings; massive; burst; perplex