Unless a ball or puck was involved, the denizens of mlmm’s grill paid no attention to the multiple large screen tvs mounted over the bar.

Larry lazily flipped between channels, waiting for the 7:00 races at the track. He could pull a beer on tap and work the remote simultaneously – one of his few talents.

While the electronics were high-end, the booths, stools and faded pictures in crooked frames on the wall were not.

For that matter, neither was the clientele.  This afternoon the air was tight with illicit cigarette smoke, stale beer, rancid breath and dried sweat. Tears tended not to have an odor.

People have an attention span of 10 seconds; if it’s tiktok, then it’s 15. Larry could parse a tv channel in 5 seconds or less.

“Ooh, a storm is threatening,” the meteorologist gushed on Channel 612, angry arrows flashing across the screen behind him. Click

“Those age spots will just fade away,” the presenter demonstrated with time-lapse photography. Appearing transfixed, the co-host of the infomercial ohhed and ahhed. Click.

“War,” the news anchor spouted as pictures of air to ground missiles fly behind him. Click

“Children” cooed the trendy life style coach, with her zoom friends and rabid fans in tiny frames. Click

News scrawl crosses the bottom of the screen: “the fire is sweepin. . . then a voice over: “We have a copter over the scene, Mike what do you see.” “Well, Genevie . . .” Click

“Our streets today,” expounded the perfectly-coifed PBS talking head, “bear no resemblance to the cobblestoned . . .” Click.

“Up next, on the Masked Singer, the Purple Flamingo will do a hot rendition of “‘burns like a red coal carpet.”” Click.

“The latest viral video, Stella, comes to us from Paloma, Spain: Mad bull lost its way depicts the crazy antics of the torro charging through an outdoor farmer’s market.” Click

“Rape, murder just two of the charges leveled against co-conspirator . . . Click

Beating the virus, folks, it’s just a shot away. It’s just a shot away. Collage of faces, ages, ethnicities. Click

“A flood is threatening the city center” the weather-wracked meteorologist gushed, standing in hip-waders on a downtown street. Click

“My very life today” daytime talk show host laughed, the audience seeming to understand the inhouse shorthand for humour. Click

“Gimme, gimme shelter” pleading, mistreated puppies fill the screen, heart-wrenching images of abused animals combined with a well-known celebrity’s impassioned plea for donations. Click

“Or I’m gonna fade away” – the catch phrase for the latest pharmaceutical miracle drug for a newly created disease . . . Click

“‘love, sister,’ the newest screwball comedy from the writer, director, singer, and unicorn-wrangler who brought you, latest years buzziest hit, its just a kiss”. Click

“And they’re away at Belmont, Merry’s on the straight away, Mick is on the outside, Keith is on the rails . . .”

A bit of silly “parsing” the lyrics of the Rolling Stone’s “Gimme Shelter,” mlmm’s Music Challenge #185