Who would have thought the heir to the throne could wail the bass sax! It was the err of a tutor; the man constantly played albums featuring collaborations with Colin Stetson during the prince’s lessons in fencing and backgammon. Thus, the prince was provided with a base for his musicality. He did forgo the crown and is now touring as a side man in a neo-advant-garde-rock band. He is the nemesis of his father and the “antithesis” of his royal brethren.

Deep breath: this mélange is whipped up from Linda Hill’s SoC Saturday; mlmm’s Saturday Mix – double take and Fandango’s “FOWC.”

Just so you know: for Linda asks us to write a stream of consciousness piece staring with the words who or whom; weejars (Sarah) challenges us to use homophones in our writing, and “Fandango” sets up a word each day for a prompt.

feature image: from schuetz-mediendesign @ pixabay.com