I am behind in the 2021 a to z challenge; let’s just say there were “difficulties” and now I’m playing catch-up.

My inspiration originates with Tourmaline’s 2021 #cyw (color your world) challenge — a weekly post informed by one of the one hundred and twenty Crayola crayon colours. To make it a daily a to z challenge, I added colour lists from various sources including Wikipedia and Pantone.

I’m on the master list of participants (squeezed in at the end). Scary, isn’t it.

Welcome to the Atomic Tangerine Café.
My name is Amber and I will be your server this evening. The chef and staff’s special presentations:

A springish first: asparagus and toasted almonds with lemon-garlicky butter.

Mains: amazonian butterfly peacock bass served on a bed of amaranth drizzled with arctic lime sauce.

Or, the lighter avocado and apple on toasted peasant rye bread with veggie slaw.

The side: crispy artichoke hearts with aioli dip.

Dessert is apricot whip or alice’s blueberry sherbet.

The featured tipsy toss is our antique brass nail. The virgin quaff is sparkly aquamarine lemonade.

Bold: from the #cyw challenge; italics: from other colour lists such as Pantone or wikipedia.