March 15 in women’s history — births/deaths

1190: Isabella of Hainault, Queen of France, dies following a complicated childbirth, aged 19

1275: Margaret Plantagenet, English princess (d. 1318)

1838: Cunningham Fletcher, ethnologist/anthropologist; studied Native American music (d. 1923)

1852: Augusta, Lady Gregory, Irish playwright, poet, folklorist, theater founder/manager  and patron of William Butler Yates (Ireland; d. 1922)

1868: Grace Chisholm Young, English mathematician (d. 1944)

1887: Marjorie Merriweather Post, American philanthropist, art-collector and businesswoman – founder of General Foods (d. 1973)

1918: Janet Leach, potter, born in Grand Saline, Texas (d. 1997)

1921: Madelyn Pugh, American television writer (I Love Lucy), Indianapolis, Indiana (d. 2011)

1933: Ruth Bader Ginsberg, lawyer, jurist, member of the Supreme Court (1992-2020) (d. 2020) Brooklyn, NY

1940: Margo Coleman, American advice columnist (Dear Prudence; Dear Margo) daughter of “Anne Landers,” niece of “Abigail Van Buren”

1947: Larisa Grigoriyevna Pozharskaya, Russian cosmonaut

1953: Judi Spiers, British TV presenter

1955: Etterlene “Bunny” DeBarge, American rock and soul singer-songwriter, Detroit, Mich.

1957: Park Overall, American actress, Nashville, Tenn.

1958: Lisa Holton, American writer

1967: Naoko Takeuchi, Japanese mange artist; creator of Sailor Moon

 1969: Kim Raver, American actress and producer

1971: Penny Lancaster, Lady Stewart, English model, photographer, television personality

1975: Eva Logorrhea, American actress and producer, Corpus Christi, Texas

1975: Jennifer 8. Lee, American journalist

1976: Katherine Brooks, American film writer and director

1976: Cara Pifko, Canadian actress, Toronto, Ontario

1983: Rebecca West, English writer, age 90

1985: Eva Amurri, American actress, New York City

1989: Caitlin Wachs, American actress, Eugene, Ore.

1991: Eileen Sedgwick, silent film actress, age 93

1992: Helen Deutsch, screenwriter

1993: Vanessa Lee, actress, age 71

1995: Florence Chadwicke, American swimmer, age 86

1996: Helen Chadwick, artist, age 42

1996: Olga Rudge, American concert violinist, age 100

1997: Gail Davis, American actress, age 71

2001: Ann Sothern, American actress, age 90

2003: Dame Thora Hird, British actress, comedian, presenter and writer, age 91

2008: Sarla Thakral, first Indian woman to fly an aircraft (1936), circa age 94

2014: Clarissa Dickson Wright, English celebrity chef, age 66

2020: Suzy Delair, French actress and singer, age 102