New York Times and Women’s History Month/Women’s History: A Sampling

Compiled by Tina Jordan and Lovia Gyarkye, Women Writers in the Paper of Record (2018)

Candice Flemming, Picture Book Biographies of Women Who Made History (2019)

Celebrate Women’s History Month With the Book Review (2019)

Jennifer Szalai, Casting a Literary Lens on Women and Power (2017)

Roslyn Sulcas, 500 Years of Pregnant Women in Art (2020)

Meredith Mendelsohn, She was More than the ‘Most Beautiful Suffragist’ (2020)

Tanya Mohn, The Little-Known Women Behind Some Well-Known Landscapes (2020)

Alisha Haridasani Gupta, For Three Suffragists, a Monument Well Past Due (2020)

Katherine Schulten, Teaching and Learning About Women’s History with The New York Times (2018/2021)

Sharon Attia, Goodbye, Women’s History Month. Here Are 15 Women We Shouldn’t Forget (2019)

Maya Salam, Women’s History Myths, Debunked (2019)