binsky*, an American street artist, has a way with the satirical. Their latest installation, s-t-( * )-u-c-k, captures the present state of American politics and culture.
Posted on instragram, with cryptic clues as to it’s location, binksy sends all on a merry art chase through DC! (278)

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* nod, nod, wink, wink to street artist Banksy and the Banksy effect:

“There exists a cult-like following for the artist. The ambiguity of his identity has drawn this group of followers. A concept, the ‘Banksy effect’ has developed as a result of Banksy’s artistic innovation. This term is in reference to the artist’s ability to turn outsider art into the cultural mainstream. It was coined to reference the way in which Banksy’s work has led to an increased interest in street art. Street art has been incorporated into being a part of culture and daily life. His work in turn, has questioned the authenticity of art and its creators, furthering the cultural debate that has existed for centuries.” Wikipedia

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Banksy images from Wikipedia entry: Banksy

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