A very selective list for June 23, compiled for sources such as on this day;  Wikipedia; national calendar day; thought co; fun factz; bing.

Link for a bloom county cartoon, by Berk Breathed, which ran June 23, 1973 (go comics)

  • 1611 Henry Hudson, his son, and 7 crew members are set adrift in an open boat after a mutiny aboard the Discovery
  • 1784 1st US balloon flight (13 year old Edward Warren)
  • 1810 Franziska “Fanny” Elssler, romantic period ballerina born; sister, Therese Elssler wrote ballets
  • 1839 Hester Stanhope, English aristocrat, traveller and archaeologist, dies
  • 1868 Christopher Latham Sholes patents the typewriter with a QWERTY keyboard
  • 1926 The College Board administers the first SAT exam
  • 1936 Richard Bach, American author, born in Oakland Park, Illinois
  • 1938 Marineland opens in Florida-1st aquarium
  • 1941 Robert Hunter, American lyricist and singer-songwriter (Grateful Dead) born
  • 1953 Frank J. Zamboni issued patent for ice re-surfacer
  • 1955 Walt Disney releases Lady and the Tramp
  • 1960 1st combined contraceptive pill, Enovid, made available for purchase in the U.S.
  • 1964 Arthur Melin granted patent for Hula-Hoop
  • 1965 Barbara Lufthansa Herzog, born during Lufthansa Frankfurt-NY flight
  • 1969 Charles Hollis “Chuck” Taylor, American basketball player and shoe salesman, dies (67)
  • 1974 1st extraterrestrial message sent from Earth into space
  • 1976 Tallest free standing structure, the CN Tower, opens in Toronto
  • 1979 “My Sharona” single released by The Knack
  • 1979 Supertramp’s Breakfast in America becomes No. 1 album in the US
  • 2006 Harriet, Galápagos tortoise, born in 1830, dies
  • 2012 Nik Wallenda is the first person to successfully walk across the Grand Canyon on a tight rope 
  • 2016 Led Zeppelin cleared of stealing riff from “Stairway to Heaven” from band Spirit in a LA court
  • 2018 Game of Thrones actors Kit Harington (31) and Rose Leslie (31) marry in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

June 23:

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feature image credit: diatonic button accordion, Bernard Loffet,  diato.org; image credits: zamboni; marineland; cn tower; typewriter; turtle; Wallenda; chuck taylor; opus; time; otherwise: Wikipedia