Clementine anxiously waited for the 5:40 out of the city, wondering if he would be on board.

Father said Richard was a philanderer after her money. “We shall see if he loves her,” Father boasted to Mother.

Richard promised the visit so they could elope to the city.

An overheard telephone conversation: “$50,000 in cash should show the boy’s true colours – green blooded, not blue bloodied.” Father’s laugh vicious.

The 5:40 pulled in with a rush of wind and steam. Pulled out, leaving Clementine alone on the platform.

She walked home, head hung in shame. Father was right – Richard was a money man.

“Honk,” the horn of what her father called an infernal combustible machine blared behind her. “Honk.”

“Clementine, won’t you ride with me in style.” There Richard was gleefully behind the wheel of a new horseless carriage.

“My love, let’s show your father what money cannot buy,” he said, opening the vehicle’s door, a pair of gloves and goggles for her in hand.

For mlmm Finish off Fridays #9: the wait

(image and open sentenced provided; finish the tale in 100 to 150 words)

image: © Lorraine 2016 (restored Northeastern suburban train station now operated by the town’s historical association)