Merlinda stood, hand upon the door. Door of “Goody’s” discount. The building that haunted her dreamscapes. Night after night; found on a strange sleep-driving quest through orangy early dawn streets.

She pushed on the unrevealing door, setting off the clanging entrance bell, her heart skipping a beat.

She wondered if she was awake or asleep.

The clanging made Tomash look up from the book he was reading behind the display counter. Gasp. There she was. The beautiful raven hair woman from his dreams. Coming through the door of Goody’s discount.

His heart skipped a beat. He prayed he was awake. (100)

(c) Lorraine, 2017

Dreamed up for 100WW week 8, hosted by Bikurgurl: “And kind thank you to Frank Jansen, fellow blogger, writer, and photographer 🙂”