A month of Sundays would, technically, mean a period of 30 to 31 weeks. Used to denote a long period of time or something that will never occur. From times when amusement, commerce and other activities were restricted or banned on the Sabbath, a month of Sundays suggested a long, endlessly dreary period of time.

From May to November 2019, I wrote weekly “month of Sundays” posts touching on things historical, literary, musical, miscellanea.

I need a unifying theory; something to occupy the empty spaces in my mind;  grounding in the constant chaos of stress and circumstances.

So, listening to the Decemberist’s I Be Your Girl tonight reminded me of their music video for “For Once in My Life,” which I featured in one month of Sunday post. Maybe I need another month of Sundays . . .

Sunday September 12

a musical interlude

[an unobjective selection of] musical folks born on September 12:


1943: Maria Muldar, singer-songwriter

1944: Barry White, singer, (2003)

1949: Tony Stevens, rocker (Savoy Brown)

1952: Gerry Beckley, rock musician and songwriter (America)

1952: Neil Peart, drummer (Rush) (2020)

1956: Barry Andrews, rock musician (XTC)

1966: Ben Folds, singer-songwriter

1981: Jennifer Hudson, actor and singer

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