Alerts on her phone kept screaming: flood emergency!

The rain beat a tattoo on the roof; lightening illuminated her darkened house.

Wrapped in a rainslicker, flashlight in hand, she went to check the level of Lorraine’s Creek.

The creek was waiting for her by the back porch. The whoosh of the water sounded like maniacal laughter, or was she making that crazy noise?

Jeb predicted “a flood of biblical proportions.” He was annoyingly always right.

Watching the water creep across the porch floor, she thought, “If I drown, I hope my body washes out to the sea.”

image: PHOTO PROMPT © Penny Gadd

for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioners, 3 September 2021

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Within the last two weeks, over 11 inches of rain have fallen here. Henri and Ida left their marks. Creeks escape their banks. Rivers crest well above flood-stage. Buildings are inundated; public transit halted. People stranded in cars. Communities cut off.

First light reveals apocalyptic scenes. So, my first reaction to this week’s image was: flood stage/flash flood warning.

My phone beeped with alerts; luckily, we live well above a swollen river, and the street slopes gently downward. Landlord’s basement flooded; helped out by shop-vacing and water pushing. Hope our new roof held. Next potential threat is Larry. At least it’s not Hurricane Lorraine.

The are three storms , according to  Wikipedia,  christened Lorraine ; all manifested in the Eastern Pacific: