“You must take communion with the damned,” she heard Gallant’s words echoing. Why, she still wondered, was she ear-marked for the quest.

They, of course, were plotting to punctuate her rehearsal with stones of ambiguity; little things such as holding to tiny doubts about fracturing the icy wall.

If she back-turned, removed herself from the ritual and failed, then 100 years of sterility awaited her people.

a mlmm mélange: Sunday writing prompt: “the little things;” Monday’s wordle words; Tuesday’s photo challenge 374 all mushed together in less than 100 words.

wordle word list: gallant; ear-marked; sterility; fail; stone; plotting; rehearsal; punctuation; ambiguity; 100; back-turned; communion

Also thinking of a challenge I used to participate in: responding to an image with a story of only 3 sentences; this piece of postcard prose has 4.

feature image: Marta Bevacqua