mlmm Sunday writing prompt

Let’s get celestial! Choose a planet, and create a colony

This can be based today…100 years from now…3000 years from now. It can be a colony of humans, animals, or alien beings. You can write on the building of the colony, the triumphs or trials of an established colony, the ultimate demise of the colony…whatever you like! Choose an existing planet, or discover a new one! When writing, think of it more like a novel or movie, and less like a check-list. Bring the reader into your unique world.

The big reveal is tonight so I’m sitting in the recharge pod. Everything’s gotta work. Audience wants the 3 Vs:  visuals, vitals, virtuals. Augmented virtual reality tv. Stuff your face with popcorn, lounge on your sofa and feel like you are up here with us “trepid” voyagers. Hey, it’s “voyeur voyaging.” Gotta remember that for my vid-spot.

Kept us in suspension for dream sequences; hear the ratings were good. I tried to keep things interesting . . . Woke us up in triples – triangles and all that. Good thing this buggy is all auto – run from down below. Most of the crew are real air heads. At least I got enough tech I can fix the Nespresso machine and operate the microwave/convection oven. Man, can you imagine this gig without coffee and donuts?

How the show runners figured this batch of idiots would make good colonists – I mean they musta been high on drek or something. OMG, can you see any of these contestants reading a geomap, assembling an atmospod, or establishing a communications link to home?

Yeah, we look good (for the most part), space suits and helmets cover up the flaws. Lots of drama for the fan-base. Some of us remember our lines without the cuebot. Good thing these implants are dual-feeds.

Like I said, I got tech so I can keep my thoughts to myself. Of course, gotta flip the switch for tonight. Big reveal: destination X. Audience gets to tune into our thought patterns, physical reactions when we learn our colony will be on . . .

Hey, I already know; helps to be buds with the guy who cleans production offices. Some hick-water planet coupla galaxies away. I want to get voted off asap – definitively don’t want to get vladed* by the audience. I mean who wants to spend a year or two (like an eternity) on some jerky place called earth?

*A Russian fellow — Vlad — hired as an interpreter two Japanese contestant on a Chinese competitive relativity show (designed to produce a boy band), was talked into being a contestant. Didn’t take him long to decide he wanted “off the island.” He begged the audience not to vote for him and performed as badly as possible. But, he became an internet sensation in China, and much to his agony, made it to the finals. After over three months of being held captive by Chinese fans (who mobbed him at the airport when he was finally allowed to return home) Vlad made it back to home to Vladivostok.  (see “Russian Model Trapped on Chinese Reality Show“)