mlmm Sunday writing prompt

Light Bulb on Messenger 1.0

This week chose one of the following as a basis for your writing:

The light at the end of the tunnel

The light of my life

Try the lite variety


Thankfully they were light enough to rescue.

Or any of the many expressions using the word light.

I took the “or any of the many expressions using the word light” lightly. My response contains 29, or is it 30 light-hearted phrases?

Light Bulb on Messenger 1.0

At first light, the leading lights tripped the light fantastic, light as a feather, light on their feet.

He had a light-bulb moment; they would travel light, light as air, light years away. Give up being in the limelight; always in the spotlight.

She was the light of his life; but would she green-light his idea; see it in a favourable light?

Meanwhile, she felt light-headed; he was the ray of light in her life. Could she light the fuse; run a red light?

She sensed he would light up a joint, then light into her; make light of her. In the cold light of day, saw him in a new light.

He was out like a light. His behaviour cast a light on their future. She saw the light at the end of the tunnel; packed her bags light and fled. She felt light-hearted; thought she got off light.

feature image: myriams fotos via pixabay