Even though the majority of posts were “cut and paste,” I am both exhilarated and exhausted after having published 42 “howlin’en” related, 6 mindlovermisery’s menagerie and 2 just because posts in October and 53 native american heritage, 4 mindlovermisery’s menagerie, and 2 “just because” posts. That’s 109 posts over two months; output over the rest of the year: 99 posts, of which 36 were oatcakes & snowdrop posts in March for Women’s History Month.

October’s was a “fun run” — could I post something related to howlin’en every day? November’s was to try “commitment and carry-through” while highlighting native american heritage month.

December? Maybe rework old posts, old ideas. Pick up the threads of characters lives, narratives, and journeys. Maybe a modern “12 days of Covid” (which I image will be a popular theme across social media).

Maybe write, for myself, to clear my head of all the stories, the plot twists, rewrites, reimagining, repurposing of characters, themes, and linkages. There was a time I would try and write a certain number of words a day, or capture my head stories/mind narratives. Then, I suspect, I had a muse — for many years, she has resided at resort spa in Patagonia. Took my words to my dream location!

I have a “side project” blog/site I created and have yet to finish. Can I find the password? . . . .