For this week’s prompt I want you to focus on happiness. What is working for you in your life currently? What are your grateful for? What makes you laugh/smile? What brings you joy? What do you look forward to each day? What adventures have you been on lately? What is your current source inspiration? Any new relationships? Any celebrations? Any unexpected bouts of good luck? Share your happiness.

Recent happinesses and serendips are:

Barista unexpectedly buying me a coffee.

Someone turning my lost mitten into the cashier.

Finding juggling balls to give as a gift (when I wasn’t looking for them).

Free movie at the library (most recently Harriett ), followed by lunch, with friends.

Moving meditation of tai chi class – the floating feeling of lightness afterwards.

Sweet release of deep, dreamless after supper sleep.

Dancing to invisible music.

Watching birds in the yard from my kitchen window.

Finishing a task (the more onerous, and procrastinated the better).

Writing . . . .

* a butterfly moment is the incredible feeling of having a butterfly (or dragonfly) alight on me; fleeting encounter brings smile remembories of brush of wings against my skin or lightness of creature so delicately balanced on my clothes.

for mlmm sunday writing prompt: what makes you smile