This Ten Things of Thankful is past due; like my library books this week. But that lateness led to a bit of serendip!

After I skulked up to the library returns desk (I always feel like a  criminal when I owe late fees!), and paid the whopping fine of .60 cents, a thought jumped up and down in my brain (yes, I do occasionally get a thought, although that’s when my husband argues I’m the most dangerous). Check the “New Books” shelving to see if the sequel to a wonderful previous serendip find was released. Sure enough, European Travel for the  Monstrous Gentlewoman, by Theodora Goss, sequel to The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter awaited me. The fantabulous and extra-thick book proved perfect reading when I was up all Saturday night/Sunday morning with extreme distention and abdominal cramps (oops, probably TMI) either part of the reason I’m taking, or side effect from, a course of some kick-a** antibiotics. For some serendip of your own, read the linked reviews, or better yet, if you can, get the books from your local library. I still like the feel of paper between my fingers.

It was a week of looking for the serendip, like the tiny seedling Wall-E grows in an old boot on abandoned garbaged Planet Earth which becomes the symbol of  love, hope, salvation and redemption in the wonderful animated tale, Wall-E. A fragile “find” in an otherwise bleak landscape from a week often of struggle.

Like the baby slug on our kitchen wall (never seen one so small); a “free” prescription; discovering a new method to bbq my lean burgers so they don’t stick and lose that crunchy goodness; cloud to ground lightening electrifying storm-wracked sky; seeking answers to those profoundly simple but exceedingly deep questions which life turns on; rope that doesn’t fray while hanging over the abyss; benzocaine and my “numbing compound” for my dental/jaw issues; and erstwhile cricket who found his perfect “sounding chamber” in the echoing walls of an underground train station connector walkway.

Just counted on my fingers. Nine before I add in the last thing of thankful: having an overdue lunch with a friend in Ritzyville (rich, trendy suburb two towns over on the train where I do shopping, go to the Y for tai chi, and such). We did the “foodie-snootie” tour – going into, reading the menu, then rejecting several new eateries based on voice/music volume, price, atmosphere and the “shoulder-shrug” factor, and settling into a favourite, comfortable diner-style, breakfast all-day sorta place. Warm and cozy like our friendship.

image: Pixar-Wiki