my world began with you

you created those tree-lined shores

we walked along

you created the lake that

we swam skin to skin under summer’s moon

you designed the world around us

of nature, bird song, and meadowsweet breezes

you were my world

now, like a film played backwards

the raven cascade of your hair

erases rather than raises the darkly pine

your dress blows backward taking lake and sky

you will not speak, nor look at me

are you erasing one world to create another?

am I be be erased or enhanced?

removed or reconfigured

my world begins and ends with you

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge #133. Image by

Oh, and incase you missed the invite, my frilly freudian slip is phylor and adh [a darkened house] collaborative café. Drop by for a story, read a poem, have a brew. The doors are always open. Those who knew the phylor side of my personae can get to know the adh side. And remember one head can be as good as two (or the hundred others I have archived: boxed; shelved; and #’d ).

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