#weeklysmile: spring dreams are made of these

A follow-up of sorts to #weeklysmile anthology 2.

Another day getting fingernails dirty; planted another box of pollinator garden bulbs:

image: tulip bulbs (Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier)
image: crocus (van Zyverdan)
image: alliums (midwest living)

Connecting with friends: long phone calls; comment exchanges; visiting; lunching.

Ordering whipped cream for my café Americanos:

image: whipped cream on my coffe (pininterest)

Trent’s #weeklysmile: “This week’s smile is about all of the small things that make up life, all of those things I am grateful for but am usually too rushed to remember them. Those things I really nee to give thanks for and too rarely do. Today I am :) And it makes me smile.”

What made you #weeklysmile?:  the minutiae of life?; some grand gesture or event? reading other people’s smiles?

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