image: Christine Bialczak’s funny animals

Buster: another simply 6 challenge

Buster was one tough mutt. Even Evil Kitty gave him space. He had every nasty habit imaginable. Butt-scrunching (rubbing his butt along the carpet/kitchen/dining room floor), leg-humping (human or furniture), goober-drooling.

But lately Buster had gone too far. He was the mutt with the butt. And, that didn’t go over well. Vaping, maybe. Medicinal marjuana, maybe. Tobacco, no! Bad example for the children. Bad Buster!

So, Buster was sent to a reformatory establishment, also known as obedience school. Sit Buster. Heel Buster. No [ands, ifs, or] butts, Buster. (a slight, mere 88 words!)

Christine describes this challenge best on Stine Writing. See her explanation.