of the 11th day of the 11th month, the guns finally and truly went silent over noman’s land.

The war to end all wars, the great war was over. Although, it would be another year before my Great-Uncle Grover got back to Nova Scotia from Europe.

This summer, I received the requested copy of the page of remembrance from the Canadian Book of Remembrance which bears my Great-Uncle Earle’s name. (He was reported missing on October 31, 1917.) Each day, in Ottawa, a page is turned; Earle’s page is on display in mid-June.

I fell short of a complete countdown using posts I’d done since the inception of this version of my blogging in September, 2016 on the theme of Veteran’s/Remembrance Day and WW1. I do want to share what I missed, when I went missing from this commitment. So, there will hopefully be counting up from 11 posts.

This year, I did finally start a “head narrative” which has always intrigued me: what if Great-Uncle Earle didn’t drown in the mud of noman’s land on October 31, 1917. . ..  I’m sure this isn’t a “novel” or “novella” idea, but one that has shifted my narratives from a fictionalized medievalish sort of world tinged with eld magic to present day internet discoveries and recoveries. . .