Aura felt uncertain about her future as the StarChaser hove towards the harbour. The channel entrance remained so narrow a navigator need thread it like cord through the finest of fish-netting needles.

She was not the same naïve who stowed away aboard a trading sloop all those years ago. Questing for spaces where a girlchild might learn to scribe.

She had learned more than a life-time of lessons; could she share her knowledge with others? Her brother’s missive said yes. Enow of the leaders dead to give her a thin chance. Hopefully less thin the opening into the harbour’s mouth.

scribed for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers.

The image is from @Ted Strutz. Rochelle writes:

I received a post card from Ted last week. It’s apparent that Ted is working off his back end in rehab and I was thrilled to get something written in his own hand. Keep up the good work, Ted!

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