“Quoth the raven, nevermore”

Her teachers and classmates always thought her odd; Poe-ish, a better term. In grade school, though she had trouble remembering which one; she moved every year and half or so. Nothing much to fix any name or experience she remembered. Mostly tried to forget as those years would zing back on her and she could feel the hot shame, anger, and pain as fresh as the tears she learned not to cry in public in Grade 2. “Sick” on most class picture days so nothing to help pin or remember which names, which tormentors fit into the jigsaw puzzle of where/when. She supposed she didn’t help herself; she was, in essence, a proto-goth. Without the black and the pose.

How had she gotten to thinking about this? Oh yes, that raven. Her contribution to memorizing the first few lines of a poem, then reading the rest was, Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven.” She did the math on a scrap of paper, lining up years with grade levels, ages and cities up from kindergarten and down from graduation; she must have discovered Poe between grades 4 and 6. Somewhere in the time frame, education graduate students measured her classes reading comprehension skills, and she scored “college-level.” From secretly reading the murder mystery’s her mother took out of the library. Between ages 9 and 11. Poe. Somewhere, somehow. No wonder her teachers and classmates thought her odd. She was doomed, to always be the odd one out. She knew: “Quoth the Raven, evermore . . .

For the Raven, see poetryfoundation.org

For a Simpsonesque reading of the poem:

Thanks to lisa, the versesmith who’s witty response to mlmm’s wordle 264 don’t pick the flowers,” then introduced me to the sunday muse through her response, “crow and moon – five very brief poems”.

The Sunday Muse #162

“Welcome everyone to another weekend at the Muse!

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The choice: po.em or short vignette. “My poetry was lousy you said,” Joan Baez “Diamonds and Rust” so, I will stick with the vignettes. Though this vignette might be a bit short or long  . . .

(Please note: the image corresponds with a Sunday Muse from May. Given that Howlin’en just passed, lisa’s verses/the image struck a chord. I will hopefully move forward in time and try more recent sunday muses)