Whenever Monday rolls around, I think #weeklysmile. Then it’s Tuesday and I remember to think #weeklysmile and finish the post. Then it’s Wednesday and I remember to remember to think #weeklysmile. And then it’s Thursday, and I think: Next week, on Monday, I will think #weeklysmile.


A pattern is emerging (and not just over remembering to remember #weeklysmile) about my short-term memory; it seems to very short and not much of a memory. I think my “grandkoi” fish have a longer attention span and memory than I do.


Oh, I don’t forget to eat, lol – my stomach’s memory of food is rather short-term, so it doesn’t let me forget.


But, I totally forget I’ve downloaded a manual to study; I remember I did when I don’t have access to my laptop, or I’ve just shut it off and shouldn’t/can’t turn it back on again. I wonder if I can attack virtual sticky-notes on my home screen? If I remember to look into it. When I leave this pre-post post to check, I will probably get distracted by something else, and forget.


Yep, I just did several other things: searches; wrote an email; looked for a quote and an image; read the newspaper, and then, I remembered #weeklysmile.

In a comment exchange, Trent and I jokes about my doing a #weeklysmile anthology. This is a mélange, then, of several missing weeks of #weeklysmile, posted, I hope, today – Wednesday.

Fallen Leaf on Facebook 13.1        Fallen Leaf on Facebook 13.1

In no real order (last posted #weeklysmile was October 4th) from notes and half-written posts:

I was sitting outside having a coffee. A honeybee thought I was perhaps a late blooming flower and landed on my sleeve (a little green patterned quilted jacket and orange ball cap. Realizing his error, he preened himself, rested, then resumed the pollen hunt.

Walking home from the “dollar stores” strip mall, I noticed a small bird flit into a row of substantial pines next to the town’s tennis courts. Slipping under the branches to see if it was a migrating fall warbler, I came upon an outcropping of amanitas in various stages of growth/disintegration. Beneath several of these mature pines, were mushroom patches. (Update: going by the same pines several weeks later, there is no evidence of any mushroom “bloom.”)

Phone conversations can be #weeklysmiles. Whether short (with my friend C in long-term care assisted by mutual friend J.) or long (with the friend I’ve had for almost 50 years!), they are convey love, laughter, and friendship. Always worth a #weeklysmile.

Apple-crisp air stirs small piles of leaves – trees are slowing shedding their autumnal royal robes. Our crazy weather – drenched summer, warmer than usual temperatures, and a dry October means the trees are late to the turning. I sent a selfie to a friend last week – he swore I “photoshopped” the trees to look so green!

Seems like food is often #weeklysmileable. Whether is a great new version of my pesto and/or green go[o]d dressing; a nicely constructed fruit crisp (apple, blueberry or bluecran); zesty eggwhite bites. Or even a good burger or grilled chicken, hot off the bbq. Smiling because I make this and other recipes without a real recipe. Not that I can concoct everything this way. Some items, like my versions of butter biscuits (a cross between a tea-biscuit and a scone) always start with some basic amounts – which I check against the original recipe to make sure the proportions are correct.

Fallen Leaf on Facebook 13.1


Fallen Leaf on Facebook 13.1

These are snippets of thoughts, notes, and half-written posts. Fall is truly here – my favourite time of the year. Cooler temps, trees reviving up their autumnal wardrobe, exotic hard squashes piled in colourful displays, parsnips are at their peak, over-wintering birds arrive to replace their travelling friends, geese screech across the skyscape, piles of leaves begin to appear – ripe for kick-dancing through. I can wear scarves, still ignore gloves/mitts, take early walks and see my breath. I hope this fall is #weeklysmile worthy!

Fallen Leaf on Facebook 13.1


Fallen Leaf on Facebook 13.1

For Trent’s #weeklysmile post, visit Trent’s World. You can also add your #weeklysmile in the comments section.

And, Trent:

a few days late!

But, then you also have 364 unbirthdays to celebrate!

Thanks to Lewis Carol and the Mad Hatter