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🎃 October 25 🎃

Another howlin’en megastar, Vincent Price, has an October connection: he died today in 1993, aged 82.

Born near St. Louis, Missouri in 1911, Price appeared in more than 100 films spanning genres: film noir, drama, mystery, thriller, sci fi and, of course, horror. Price also worked in radio, on stage, and in television.

Price, from a family with ties to the food industry, also embarked on a culinary career. He gained a reputation as a gourmet cook, authoring several books, and hosting his own cooking television show, “Cooking Price-Wise.” When on a publicity tour for a cookbook based on the show, he famously demonstrated on Johnny Carson’s tv show how to poach a fish in a dishwasher.

🎃 🎃

Perhaps you didn’t know:

Price graduated from Yale with a degree in English with a minor in Art History. He intended to study for a Master’s degree…

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