“Close your eyes.”

I complied.

“And a blindfold, too.”

I felt the silky sleep mask slip over my face.

“I know you, you’ll cheat!”

“It was a steal. Just what we need . . . “

I shuddered as he led me out of the kitchen; I’d heard that line before.

“Perfect for our post-Covid lives . . .”

I was steered towards the front door.

“The big reveal is coming. Are you excited?”

I didn’t answer feeling the cool breeze as he positioned me on the porch.

“And, we’ll never lose it in a parking lot . . .”

for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers; photo prompt © Brenda Cox

Rochelle’s story this week is particularly poignant; definitely read-worthy!

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My story came to me while I was donating blood.

There is a blood shortage in the US (and probably elsewhere) as business and educational facility-based blood drives were shut down by COVID. The Red Cross, despite COVID and the need of resources for disaster relief around the world, still runs blood drives or has donation days at its office.

If you can donate blood, please consider doing so. The set up where I go (at a YMCA) is done with COVID in mind. Everyone wears a mask; you can take yours off when you have the post donation snack, of course. Precautions are taken; like everything, I suppose, there is a risk. I am fully vaccinated but am still very cautious when out in public. I haven’t yet, when donating, had that anxious feeling I get when I feel the possibility of exposure to the disease. This is my sixth donation since March 2020.

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American Red Cross blood services

PS: there are incentives like gift card and chances to win prizes. Today, I received a free pass to the Y which is fantastic. I was a member there pre-COVID. I wandered around the building after I donated checking out the renovations and changes. My tai chi teacher still gives two classes a week, locker rooms are open, and the fancy room with trendy fitness equipment was almost empty! Guess I’ll lace up my sneakers . . .

Disclaimer: I am not receiving any gratuities for my suggestion. Nor, am I supporting any particular political or world view associated with the American Red Cross.