Garvane, ever meticulous, recorded time, lab temperature, his heart rate and other minutia. “Merely detritus,” he thought.

Tapping the codex card on the electroneuron-reader, he stepped into the immersive pod.  In a transslip of time, he emerged; his carefully constructed appearance disheveled. His hands visibly shook as he opened the patient’s holographic file.

She was still cocooned in a fetal position, gently rocking. Upping the volume, he could hear her murmurs: “cat’sfootironclawneuro-surgeonsscreamformoretwentyfirstcenturyschizoidman”

His sterile prognosis: “A permanently jumbled neon mind” He entered the screenshot image onto the file grid.

© Roger Bultot

As Garvane disappeared back into the pod, he whispered: “nothinghe’sgothereallyneedstwentyfirstcenturyschizoidman”.

Fripping out for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Rochelle’s piece includes some of her wonderful artistic renderings of old photographs.

first image from: musicaficionado 

Friday fictioneers image: Roger Bultot


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heora ġemynd is forġieten: Old English: the memory of them is forgotten