From last year’s countdown to howlin’en:

Lorraine's frilly freudian slip

🎃 October 4 🎃

I came under the spell of the Muppets in 1971 when I watched the Frog Prince on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), became enchanted by Jim Henson’s The Story Teller (only about 10 episodes if you can find and binge – very well worth it), and along the way fell in love with Beaker.

Not surprisingly, given Bunsen Honeydew’s proclivity for all things strange and scientific, and with Beaker being his unfortunate assistant, there are some Beaker & Bunsen howlin’en moments:

Leave it to the folks at Nasa:

history of pumpkins and howlin’en

a taste of pumpkin carving

funny pumpkin carving ideas

pumpkin carving patterns and templates

And, with all those seeds:

And pumpkin seeds for the birds – clean off the pulp (but don’t have to remove all the “slime” in this case.) Roast, without salt or oil, in a warm oven until dry. Cool…

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