water lettuce

water hyancinth

This spring, I added a water hyacinth and a water lettuce plant to our tiny koi pond. The results have been wonderful. The roots of the multiplying plants act as filters and nursey; the leaves a place for koi to hide, and bugs to thrive.

The water lettuce also thrived. Sunday was time for another small cull. I love “mucking about” in water. Puddle-plopping and spring-stream-debris-clearing. Water-mucking such as floor washing or laundry is another story . . .

The pond is covered with bird netting to deter creatures and birds from snacking on the fish. The edges are held down by rocks. Removing these, sent a cicada, and several beetles skiddling. Pulling up the netting, caused at least three varieties of spiders to shimmy. Tiny black bugs jumped from lettuce leaf to lettuce leaf.

The sun was warm on my back, a breeze, more serotinal than autumnal stirred the Asian-type spruce branches above my head. Bumblebees filled their paniers with the last of the summer’s pollen. Gently petting one, I held my fingertip a second longer, feeling the bee’s thrum.

For a brief moment, then, the yard was once again “mine,” and not the de-natured pseudo-Château de Versailles it’s been tortured into. A #weeklysmile moment.

I agree with Trent: ‘I enjoy getting out into nature and the autumn is by far my favorite time of year to be out.” #weeklysmile, October 4, 2021

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