“You are heaven-sent,” the frazzled mother said as she opened the door. The woman on the porch smiled. “Thank God for the AngelsInYourDooryard app*,” she added, jamming her arms into her coat. The woman nodded, placing her bags in the hallway.

“Oh, and a choir of heavenly angels sang when I read how musically-gifted you are. The children love classical music, medieval nunnery chants and advent-garde jazz.” Grabbing her purse, the mother called as she flew through the door, “Bed-time is before midnight.”

The sitter retrieved her instrument from its case, lovingly putting her pied pipe to her lips.

*as far as I know, there isn’t, yet, an AngelsinyourDooryard app to find baby-sitters . . .

A bit of heavenly devilery for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Rochelle’s post this week especially resonated with me. To those friends whose voices we miss . . .  (Thanks, Rochelle)

feature image: @ DaleRogerson (the church spire)

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