There is a sadness here, she felt, as if the very stones did weep. Of lives not lived; loves not found. Passions not consummated. Sorrow seeped into her bones; a darkness filled her mind. . . .

I am a child of the keep. Born under a full clear wintering moon, I bear the name of stars. These stones are my birthright. The rushes and reeds lilt; stained glass prisms pave the broad hall.

I watch the stately processions; hear trumpets strutting sounds. The brave and the chosen’s calling is the battle field. A secret swift embrace; yielding, dissolving.

I hear the funeral dirge; weep as a widow to all the fallen. Feel faint, cold kisses upon my cheek for lovers passing on.

I listen to the fern unfurl; feel the moss soft beneath my feet. Meadows of wildflowers greet me. Trees take on their royal robes of scarlet and gold. Breath puffs of ice; bare branches embrace me.

I am of the ancients, feral and moon-mad. I dance under the star-blanket; body flowing to invisible music. . . .

The history interpreter watched the woman sway; mesmerized by her motion. She shouldn’t be here so late; the site closed hours ago. But then, neither should he. But, only after hours could he explore the ruins, seeking out those ghosts who called his name.

Too late to be included in the “round up,” but this image from KL Caley’s #writephoto – folly has been haunting me. These are snippets of stories forming, dissolving, merging in my mind. Had to clear out a tiny bit of space.

KL Caley presents a #writephoto image on Thursdays; she posts a round-up of the participants on Tuesday (using noon GMT as the time piece).

three Loreena McKennitt pieces: 1st – a 2021 introduction to the song “The Old Ways” and then the version included on the album, A Mummers Dance Through Ireland, and “Ages Past Ages Hence” from Live at Royal Albert Hall.