[obviously written yesterday and word of caution: red-line correction has now disappeared from pretty much every where on my computer . . . ]

If this is Monday, then . . . time to reflect on the last seven days …

For the weekly challenge, Friday Fictioneers, participants write a 100-word story inspired by the image provided by Rochelle. Last Friday’s challenge prompted some folks to write variations of the joys and foibles of rural living.

Reading these brought back pleasant remembories of my rural “escapades:” as a child on my aunt’s farm, and as an adult living down a country lane. In early fall, the air seemed golden; late summer sun warm on the skin. Standing next to my cousins as we sorted corn moving along the conveyor towards the silo. Years later, the more than 100-year-old apple tree next to our tiny house on a farm still producing more old-fashioned-Gravensteins than I could bake, sauce, and gift. Researching the history of this variety provided many surprises. And smiles.

Nostalgic smiles, too, while making the bed. We have a tiny washer and dryer – toy size versions to go with our incredibly small living space. So, if I don’t do a wash or two every day . . .  it’s time to dig out the less used linens, for example. As I’m pluffing the pillows after changing the cases, I smile. The deep green 1000 thread (ok – an exaggeration) thread pillow cases are hand-me downs from a friend who up-ticked to a king size bed and pillows. Only about 30 or more years ago.

Nostalgia too from rediscovering Tracy Chapman’s first album, Tracy Chapman. Released in 1988, the lyrics still resonate. Which is bittersweet given songs like “Across the Lines;” “Talkin’ About a Revolution,” or “Behind the Walls.” “Fast Car,” is smile-worthy for it’s up-beat rthym and lyrics (and as so many of her songs, tear-worthy, too) then and now.

And what’s a #weekly smile for me without provender. Tonight: spaghetti squash with a sauce of sautéed mushrooms, cubanelle peppers, and green onion tops mixed into Rao’s Sensitive Marinara jarred sauce (Sensitive omits garlic and onions for those of us with digestive issues). Drinking New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Smiling already.

Been playing all last week with slaws and dressings. Favourite: shredded red cabbage, sugar snap peas and green beans (which I sliced with scissors), unroasted sunflower seeds, with crumbled asiago cheese crisps as croutons. The best dressing: a mélange of homemade tart cranberry sauce and Greek yogurt.

Best go see if  how squash is faring in the oven. Hope you had something to #weeklysmile about. And if you’d like to share, visit here for directions, and here for Trent’s this week’s #weeklysmile post.

PS: I wrote a #weeklysmile post last week, and published it without links back to Trent’s World! So, in case you’re interested, click here.