two quick writes for mlmm wordle 257:



I pretend maybe


of cicatrix

are only crumbs

upon my tongue

basking in the

last luminous

mix of original

and sin

Sparkles on Samsung

[proprioception luxuria]

the cicatrix of

your tongue

against my skin


like luminous crumbs

original sin

of sweat and sex

mixing, spilling

back arching, basking

for a lifetime of pretend

and maybe

your finger traces

deeper wounds than these

wordle word list: cicatrix (the scar of a healed wound; a scar on the bark of a tree; in botany, a mark on a stem left after a leaf or other part has become detached); proprioception kinesthesia; the body’s ability to sense movement, action, and location); basking; crumbs; tongue; maybe; lifetime; last; luminous; original; mix; pretend

images: pexel on pixabay

quick writes are brief sketches, jotted down in a short space of time and lightly edited