As I mentioned in the post, Dream a Little [Civil War] Dream of Me, I have vivid dreams;  dreamscapes recalled if I close my eyes. But elusive when I try to write down the experience. This morning I had a dream, catchable, perhaps in some sort of words.

From a perspective I’ve only experienced virtually or vicariously (or imaginated in head stories), I’m high above the shore line. The tide is high; splashing and cavorting with the rocky cliffs. From the top of the cliffs, a flat plain extends to the periphery of my vision.

Depth of field shortens, and I am closer (as if a drone flying over the scene). Below, a lone kangaroo considers hoping down to a now revealed pebbly beach. A voice (either in my head or behind me) says “that’s one of kangaroos that escaped at the airport (a plot to a Sylvester loonie-tune).” As she explores the top of the cliff, she is joined by another. Then in wander zebras, some frolicking along the wave-lapped beach.

As I watch, more exotic creatures appear; some on the plain above the cliffs (perspective ala Nat Geo); others in the water. I start roll call: onyx; sea serpent snake; gnu. A child’s voice behind me whispers, “a soffit,” which I repeat. In my attempts to see which creature is a soffit, I wake up wondering about zoos and Arks.

As I’m making a drip coffee, I remember enough to give my husband a snippet of the dream. “Strange days,” is his response. His dream-state keeps me awake – rolling, moaning, shouting. He was having “COVID-nightmares” before COVID.

I step away from the news as much as possible. Listen for the weather and some sports scores. Listening/watching more evokes strong emotions. Every few days, I scroll across the internet news feed on my Bing home page.

This morning, among things trending on Bing news is:

Escaped zebras spark double takes and denials in Maryland” and “Escaped zebras bamboozle Maryland officials: ‘They’re just too fast’”

Co-incidence? I think not . . .