I am rooted to this place; the fading crimson seats, the peeling concrete floor. It defines my existence in the ghe”or. Fortunate for me for I remember the smell of hot buttered popcorn; the press of flesh; the collective inhale and scream. Afternoons spent in the dark watching a version of life flicker on the screen.

Those dystopian ones – the end of days — were prophetic. And now, each morning I greet my empty theater; count the missing ceiling tiles; report the deterioration. If satisfactory, I enter the projection room, placing the emotalalotor on my head, and cuing up a movie, scoured from archives, entertainment company vaults, other theaters, I watch, alone, in the darkness.

Maybe a billion light years away, in an altering universe, someone activates the emotalator receiver implant in their brain, and we watch movies. They often ask what are raisinettes and pop rocks.

Photo courtesy of Jonny Joo, One Big Photo.
a quick write mélange for mlmm Saturday mix: same, same but different and mlmm photo challenge #381

word list (some seem a stretch, but found in thesaurus): hello = greet; good = satisfactory; happy = fortunate; plant = rooted; red = crimson

ghe”or is Klingon, according to the Google translator for “new order.” A nod to the original Star Trek which premiered on September 8, 1966.

quick writes are brief sketches, jotted down in a short space of time and lightly edited