“Come – enter the chamber of danger. Do you dare? The centrifuge has inflicted terrible changes to riders’ facial structures.”

Yadayadaya . . . I’d heard the spiel a thousand times this summer hawking stuff next door. Of course, mine wasn’t much better:

“Genuine organic sweatshirts straight from the Amazon. Foot painted by indigenous women. They capture the beauty of feathers plucked at midnight from the exotic trumpery bird, or the exquisitely hued wings of the sacred fairydiddle butterfly.” Gets the tree huggers and eco-decos every time.

Same old, same old. Theme Park or carnival. State Fair of Country Rodeo. All bluff and bs. So many plies of malarkey. You just gotta be creative, and give the folks what they think they want to hear.

Wanna know a secret? There is this strange vulgar longing that infests societies: people want to get jostled, hustled, and taken. WTF would I do for a living otherwise? The sideshow creepshow is full again this year . . .

a bit of a mélange for mlmm wordle #255 and mlmm photo challenge #380

Photo courtesy of Sergei Kalinin. http://www.onebigphoto.com

wordle words: inflict; face; vulgarity; longing; feathers; butterflies; bluff; organic; sweatshirt; jostle; ply; terrible