#weeklysmile August 30

(image: early morning day two of repairs — thankfully didn’t rain overnight!)

I’m rocking out to Dire Straits (finally figured how to transfer music from one form of media to another!), sitting at the kitchen table.

Underneath our repaired roof! Yes, we no longer have some unintended skylights in the attic.

The first crew arrived on Wednesday morning, various other crews came the rest of the week, and the work (including fixing an issue we had with the how the job was done) was finished Saturday.

The rain held off during the day, though a storm came very close on Friday and Saturday.

We still have a crack in the kitchen ceiling and water damage in the kitchen wall and cabinet. Might get fixed sometime; we’re not overly concerned.

To escape the noise and dust, I went to a large mall. Twice. The real feel temperatures were 103; walking outside felt like moving through jello.

Except for my degenerate teen years, I’ve never been much of a “mall crawler.” The first time I hit this mall was during a visit with my husband’s family. We walked in, looked at the crowds, and walked back out.

Fast forward 10 years, and I’m living in the area, add another 20 and I’m spending entire days there, lol.

Meant two more lunches out! And, not in the food court! The second day I went to one of the more luxe eateries; spent a delicious 90 minutes with white linen napkins, nice cutlery, attentive servers. Cold glass of sauvignon blanc. And the meal wasn’t half-bad either.

Yes, food in general, and eating out in particular can bring me a #weeklysmile.

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